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12 Photographs That Explain The Reality Behind Social Media Posts

Nobody is less than any star when we look at their social media profiles. People do really hilarious things in their real life and try to display them on social media forums. People try to make people spite them, and end up using social media to show off by uploading photographs! People try different things in public and validate that failure is a part of life! The miserable failures are the reason behind many people’s laughter! We absolutely need to take out some time and thank them for their highly imprudent and hilarious acts!

Take a look:

#1. The moment when you are asked to pose and when you set free! *Reality is so painful*

#2. The fall has been shown as if he did a stunt!

#3. “Already planning another pool party.”

#4. That’s what girls do on a night stay!

#5. Ooh, La La! The wind blew her everything away!

#6. This is the sad truth of time! We have no time for each other but we pretend to be something else on social media through photographs!

#7. Broccoli v/x Nutella! Reality is too harsh!

#8. Such appealing body!

#9. A touch of makeup and your bosom earns a B-plus.

#10. “Bae allowed me to take his car.”

#11. He has a personal Eiffel Tower that too in the loo! “I can’t believe I’m finally in Paris!”

#12. The things you do for a fabulous photo.

Photo: noonecares


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