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11 Dangers Of Using Your Mobile Phone On The Toilet

One of the best thing to do in the toilet is listening to songs. But the habit is not just gross, it can bring many other complications too. By using your mobile in the toilet, you are actually exposing yourself to many bacterias and germs. This habit is way too dangerous as you are more prone to bacterias like E.Coli, salmonella etc.

1. According to experts

According to experts like Dr. Lisa Ackerly, after you wash your private parts, the germs are still there in your hands. Using your mobile just after can prove dangerous as you are transferring the germs onto your mobile. That’s why we suggest you don’t use it in your toilet.

2. Some more

Charles Gerba, a Ph.D. holder in microbiology and an associate professor from the University of Arizona states that it’s really dangerous if you are using your mobile in the toilet.

3. Where do these bacterias come from?

After many research, the experts now know the answer to this. The very origin of these dangerous bacterias is your own intestine. Hope you will now think twice before using your mobile in the toilet.

4. The way these dangerous bacterias spread

Flushing the toilet is important but that’s what helps these bacterias to spread everywhere. The flow of water spreads it into every corner including your mobile. Obviously, if you are using it.

5. More critically

This flush causes a turbulence which spreads tiny water droplets and vapor drops of urine meters and etc everywhere, including your phone. It’s time to stop using it in the toilet.

6. Alternative? Doesn’t seem so.

If you are thinking that using your phone after washing your hands is perfectly fine then you are wrong my dear. Even if you wash your hands, some dangerous bacterias still find the way out. The toilet is not the perfect place for your phone.

7. The right thing

According to the director of Biomedical Science Degree Programmes, Dr. Ron Cutler, says that if you want to stop this contamination then it’s best to stop using your mobile in the toilet. Then your excretion process won’t be this dangerous anymore.

8. Other ways for contamination

The contamination is more dangerous when it’s a more enclosed area. The smaller the area, the faster the virus spreads. It’s not just your mobile that’s in danger it’s the other stuff too.

9. Other places

If you are traveling on a cruise or if you are in a hospital then it’s going to be even more dangerous. Some experts say that the bacterias can travel up to 6 feet. So, if you are using the mobile in the toilet it’s best not to be in this radius.

10. Environment

Your mobile is warm and it provides a good environment for the dangerous bacterias to grow. The bacterias can survive on your mobile for quite some time.

11. Preventive measure

Always wash your hands with soap and water and the best possible way to avoid these dangerous germs is to keep your phone outside the toilet or to stop using it altogether.


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