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10 Images Of People On The Happiest Day Of Their Lives

Life is full of wonders and shocks, good tidings and bad news, unanticipated turns and sudden twists, which once in a while, brings the happiest day in people’s lives. Happiness lies in the eye of the beholder, which one receives either essentially or emotionally. Some people are happy when they’ve made money, while others are happy when they’ve found their true love. Everybody live their lives to be content like these people in the pictures, celebrating their happiest day of their lives.

Take a look:

#1. This 99-year-old lady desired to be arrested.

The 2 minutes arrest antic was totally planned out by the Dutch police, satisfying the wish of the old lady to get arrested once in her lifetime. Hence, this turned out to be the happiest day of her life. A dream come true.

#2. This couple is all thrilled about their engagement.

When Amanda and Todd decided to get married, that moment became the happiest day in their lives. Today Amanda is expecting a baby, which will surely bring more happiness into their lives. Earlier people doubted their relationship to go into marriage, as Todd is bound to a wheelchair. But true love always wins against all odds.

#3. This couple was booked into business class after rebooking.

It was the happiest day for this couple, as they got booked into the business class with a comfortable massaging seat, high-quality service, delightful menu, champagne, and other unlimited drinks. Lives change when you travel first class!

#4. After 2 years of searching, she managed to get an excellent job.

This lady experiences the happiest day of her life when she finally got the right job, after 2 years of struggle. She just enjoys her job and her first day turned out to be very productive.

#5. The author sends a bunch of his comics as a gift to this boy.

The creator of the comics, Brian Michael Bendis sends this boy a gift, who is a fan of Spiderman comics. The purpose of the author was to encourage the boy, who had recently met with an accident. Well, it was the happiest day for both, the giver and the receiver.

#6. Lucky guy lands up in a musical concert.

When you kill two birds with one stone or should I say when you receive two things at the same time. There can’t be another happiest day than this when you get to see and hear your favourite band playing, along with an excellent view of a sexy lady just alongside you. Happy go lucky!

#7. Baby is excited after spotting his mom.

All babies want to be in the arms of their mommies. Even the slightest distance from their mother gets the baby all twitchy. But as soon as they spot their mother, that very moment becomes the happiest day of their life.

#8. A gala time in Spain for free.

This guy Joe McGrath was given an offer he couldn’t refuse for a free vacation in Spain by a group of complete strangers. Unfortunately, his friend refused to travel, but Joe was fortunate to accept the offer because he had one hell of a gala time with no regrets.

#9. A blind guy held a cat for the first time.

Even though the cat doesn’t look happy at all, but surprisingly it was the happiest day for this blind guy when he held the cat for the first time.

#10. The newly wedded couple met Tom Hanks accidentally.

In New York’s Central Park, while newlyweds Elizabeth and Ryan were having a wedding photo session, out of the blue Tom Hanks intervenes. Now you can imagine what a happy moment it turned out to be for these newlyweds, with a celebrity gate-crashing into their photo session with his presence and changing their lives.

Photo: noonecares


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