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Teenager Hanged Herself After Accidentally Sending Message To Her Boyfriend

You’ll find some people who react so much even on small problems and just cannot bear any type of mental pressure. Similar incident happened with a teen girl Charlotte who killed herself. When you’ll read the teenager real-life story you’ll be shocked, who committed suicide after accidentally sending her Snapchat story to her boyfriend.

I know you must be confused what is so big here for a 17-year-old teen girl to commit suicide, she just sent a Snapchat story to her boyfriend. Right?

But wait let me tell you that the Snapchat story was not meant for her boyfriend.

Charlotte was actually sending it to her friend and describing her that she is feeling very guilty about the last night that how she went to a club and then slept with some guy. And now she is sad that she accidentally cheated her guy.

She simply recorded the message and sent it. But the moment she sent the message she realized that she has sent it to her boyfriend instead of the friend.

And it obvious that after receiving the message her boyfriend got upset. Initially, she apologized and tried to make him understand that she was drunk and everything happened unintentionally.

Fortunately, her boyfriend wasn’t a type of a guy who fought. So instead of arguing and fighting he simply told her that he is in a bad mood and refused to talk.

And what happened next will surprise you.

When he received the next text from Charlotte he immediately sensed that something is going so wrong, as she just written a ‘Goodbye’.

Her boyfriend tried calling her but didn’t get any response from her and this made him more curious. He then found her location with the help of Sanpchat and called the police at her place.

But, unfortunately, when her boyfriend and the police reached her place they didn’t find Charlotte in her room. After searching a while they found her but they were too late. They found her hanging on a tree.

Charlotte was dead by then.


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