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Photoshoot Of World’s Tallest Man And The Shortest Lady In Egypt

It’s not easy to be the shortest or tallest Man in the group, as both of them have their own pros and cons. You must have seen many people around you who are way too short or tall. But imagine what if you see the shortest and the tallest in one frame? Similar happened in Egypt, and people were shocked to see the world’s shortest lady and the tallest man together when they met in Egypt for a photoshoot.

Yes, Jyoti  Amge from India who is the shortest lady of the world just met Sultan Kösen from Turkey, the tallest man.

Amge is a 24-year-old lady from India, she is just 2 feet tall. She was officially declared as the shortest lady in the year 2011.

She is suffering from a genetic dwarfism called achondroplasia.

It is a kind of disorder. People suffering from this disorder have typically short legs and arms and a normal torso with an enlarged head, just like Jyoti Amge. But unfortunately, the disorder is not curable.

But we really appreciate Jyoti, she is such a bubbly girl. She is even one of the most loved Guinness World Record holders.

On the other hand, Sultan is a skyscraper in front of Amge. Sultan Kösen is 35-year-old Turkish man. He is official Guinness World Record holder with a gigantic height of 8’1″.

His extra growth is a result of acromegaly, a bodily disorder due to pituitary gigantism. This is caused by a tumor in his pituitary gland.

Both Jyoti and Sultan met up for a photoshoot in Egypt. The photoshoot took place under a project of Egyptian tourism promotion board.

And the photoshoot resulted in some amazing pictures.

Their photoshoot perfectly captures the disparity in one frame and people are very much liking their pictures.

Since the moment their pictures are released, they are ruling the social media.


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