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12 Things You Won’t Be Able To Stop Staring At

People love such kind of things which make them stop and stare for a while. Such kind of things give your monotonous life a much-needed spin and make you feel alive. If you are going through a dry spell then you are just at the right spot. If these things don’t make you stop, stare and wonder then you are in a much deeper spot.

1. Lot’s of bump

Oh, I am sorry but did these bumpy things made you stop and stare? This is not a weather thing but a field of cabbage.

2. Posters

Lampposts are empty without posters. But this one really makes people stop are stare at this bizarre sight. It seems like a century old posters.

3. Smoke?

Is it smoke or something else? No, it’s not smoke. It might look like one but it’s a snow melting pattern.

4. Eyepatch

Extraordinary things do make you stop and stare. And, I know this one did. FYI, this is a sailmaker’s palm. They wear this patch to safeguard their hands from getting impaled.

5. Don’t stare at me like that

Wait, stop. It’s not a person?? The socks are sure scary and I bet it’s going to make you look into its eye.

6. Is it an Art installation?

A tree? No. An art? Might be. Weird things like this really make you stop and stare at them intently.

7. Shoes like these can make you run away

The weird design stopped me for sure but I don’t wanna stare at it. The design has taken a serious hit here.

8. The advertisement

The company hasn’t really thought about the advertisement. All a child wants is to wake up in the middle of the night and look at a 6-foot large giant. All the best to the kid.

9. Find the difference

There are things that make you stop and stare, and, there are things that make you stop and stare but you still can’t make anything out of it. Here’s one such puzzle.

10. Wonder of nature

Who said trees only grow fruits. Here’s an example of this line. This fire hydrant is sure to make you stop and stare.

11. The greatest heist

Street lights are really tempting and apparently, it’s really hard to resist the temptation of stealing one. Things like these really attract everyone’s attention.

12. From the future

Enough show off dude. We are still stuck with the physical things and this person is making us drool over this keyboard from the 25th century.


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