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Unicorn Armpit Hair Could Be 2018 Weirdest Fashion Trend

Each and every passing year, fashion trends comes and goes. It’s an endless cycle. People are always interested in following new fashion trends. It’s important to have a good fashion sense making sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing. But if we are honest then we have to agree that sometimes some crazy trends baffle us.

So here we will tell you about such a weird fashion “Unicorn Armpit Hair” which is going to strangest trend in 2018!

It is one of the strangest trend which went viral on social media and has forced many people to follow it. You see those colorful hues of hair on the armpit? This is the new Unicorn Armpit Hair fashion trend that people are following these days. However, this trend is real and totally unexpected.

This vogue is not about dying your armpit hair with only one color. You will see many young men and women dying their armpit hair with multiple colors like a rainbow. From the combination of acid yellow, neon green, bright pink to pastel purple.

This vogue has been in existence with Miley Cyrus for many years. However, her armpits are a lot more clear now but she encourages many young people to follow this fashion. This trend also encourages women to show up their natural body by adding a fun twist to the armpit hair that society takes as unsightly.

This trend seems crazy but many women are taking Unicorn Armpit Hair to experiment them with a quirky look. Some women have also tried to put glitters, sequins and crystal gems to make their armpits more attractive.

As the festive seasons are coming along, you will soon see many models and celebrities following this trend.

So this is the strangest trend which is going very popular in the year 2018.


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