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15 Things You Should Never Share With Anyone Else

“Sharing is caring” is a phrase that every child has been taught by their parents during their childhood. But, honestly, this does not apply to everything. There are few daily used items which are solely meant to use by just one person alone and should never be shared. The main reason behind this is hygiene and health. All of us are aware of the diseases which can easily get transmitted from one body to another. And hence, people are not advised to share certain items with one another.

Things that people should keep personal and never share with one another!

1. Toothbrush

People already know about this. A toothbrush is one of those things which no one is encouraged to share with another person. The reason behind this being it’s not hygienic.

2. Nail Clippers

These things are used to cut the growing nails and clean the dirt accumulated under them. The dirt itself is unhygienic and let’s not talk about the bacteria and fungi it may contain.

3. Earphones

Try asking someone their earphones, you will instantly hear a no. It’s good to keep your own pair rather than asking someone else’s. As bacteria from one ear to another won’t take long to get transferred.

4. Deodorants

This might come as a shocker as everyone generally share deodorants with each other. But the reason for not doing so is, deodorants don’t remove the bacterias which cause the odor, they mask them. And can easily transfer the sweat and bacteria from one body to another.

5. Underwear

This does not even need an explanation. Probably the most personal thing ever made. They should be totally exclusive.

6. Lip Balm

Lips are probably the most sensitive part of the body and skin over them are way too delicate. One should never use a lip balm used by someone else as the risk of a disease-transmitting from one person to another is high.

7. Flip-Flops

People are always careless when it comes to cleaning their feet. They get sweaty and at times, infectious. And hence, flip-flops should not be shared.

8. Makeup

Things one should never share should rather start with makeup first. Using the same brush to apply makeup or anything as such is not advised.

9. Pillows

Pillows are full of dead skin cells from the head and also, dandruff. And no one would want to sleep on something like that.

10. Tweezers

This is one of those things which people always share with one another. This shouldn’t be happening. Tweezers, in general, are not properly cleaned and might have traces of blood on them. And though, the chances are low but the blood can carry infections.

11. Earrings

The main reason why women are not advised to share earrings is that it may contain blood-borne infections.

12. Bar Of Soap

Soaps are meant to be a personal item. They are used for cleaning and always retain the bacteria from one’s body. If someone else uses the same soap then you can guess the rest.

13. Razors

No one is ever advised to share their razors with someone else. It not only contains dead skin cells but also, traces of blood. And if by any chance, the person has any kind of diseases, then the risk is bad.

14. Pumice stone

Just like soaps, pumice stone should not be shared. It contains the dead skin cells, fungus, and bacteria.

15. Towels

Towels are never meant to be shared with another person. People wipe their entire body with it and that should be kept for personal use only.


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