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These Disturbing Illustrations From A Russian Artist Convey The Perfect Hidden Message

Russian artist Waldemar Kazak has a great passion for drawing and illustration using the combination of his imagination and creativity. But most of his disturbing illustrations has created a controversy due to the surrealism and social commentary depicting the love, relationships, discrimination of society. Each image conveys a perfect hidden message, which Kazak wants to disclose.

Most of his disturbing illustrations are sexually oriented focusing upon social matters on the daily lives of people and the rest are outstanding sci-fi pin-up art. In an interview with Pinup Arena, he said “I began to draw after unsuccessful contact with a Large iron swing when I was small,” then he went on to say “For years I worked hard as a designer. I was engaged in packing, advertising polygraphy, and book design. But at some point, I wanted to draw again. Today I am an illustrator.” After you understand the perfect hidden message, which Kazak’s disturbing illustrations convey, try to check out more of his creativity from his website.

1. Silk Food

Kazak is trying to convey the message of how young men and women are obsessed and addicted to internet pornography. The men look dull and lacking emotions, whereas the women are pretty much active in their daily life.

2. Bed Time

The three characters, hair color is different, which convey that something is wrong and corrupted, like how our society is.

3. ParkLine

This is the truth of life, if one is crying then the other one’s life is flying.

4. Loneliness

The hidden message the cat is trying to convey, about how lonely are today’s women with all the glitz and glamour.

5. Highway To Town

This is a masterful mix of the realistic and the stylized, with Kazak’s deeply embedded and transmitted sense of humor.

6. Talking Over A Bear

One of the very disturbing illustrations that convey today’s women as manhunters and enjoy them like the rug.

7. Fatal Attraction

When somebody that attractive turns you into a pig, then that’s fatal.

8. Moscow Subway

They say men are dogs, but this term is not used in Russia. Now, understand the hidden message.

9. We are the robots

One of the most disturbing illustrations of today’s reality, as to how our lives are machine oriented.

10. The Moth

The hidden message Kazak tries to convey over here is that a Moth is the master of disguise, so are women.

11. Only Love

I think if most people see god like that, then there will be only one religion in this world and that is ‘love.’

12. Imperial March Ringtone

This is a melody from the movie Star Wars, but what he wants to convey is that how someone’s social interest can affect society at large.

13. Monday

Only Kazak can create such disturbing illustrations. Is gravity important or can it be beneficial?

14. Onion Cream

In a spur of the moment, women can transform a perfect man into anything.

15. Run Dwarf Run

The hidden message is that when you are running away from lots of little troubles, it will only get you caught by worse troubles.

16. Robot Is Dead

A perfect concept showing a robot bleeding, which means how much humans have shed blood to create them.

17. Hero Of Revolution

Kazak is trying to convey the message that Russian women are the true heroes, in spite of their sacrifices they are still a social stigma.

18. Robin Hood’s Arrow

Of all the disturbing illustrations, this one tries to convey how women are targeted and abused in today’s society, rather than appreciate their beauty.

19. Obsession

This is the perfect way to tell that all humans have animal instincts hidden in them.

20. Oldman and Sea

The hidden message in this portrait is that life is not beautiful at all like mermaids, it’s ugly like the sea and you need to be perfect to survive it, like the Oldman.

21. I’m Here Grandma

This is the reality version of Red Riding Hood being really swallowed, which is showing today’s society gruesomeness strategy of ready to swallow anyone.

22. Stupid Hero

Relationships are not perfect, they are like a hide and seek game.

23. Sticky Sweet Fate

In today’s world blood is in everyone’s hand, directly or indirectly.


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