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15 Dream Jobs That Are Way Too Perfect And Very Generous

Every person’s desire is to get their dream jobs, to become part of a company that will offer job satisfaction via perks, free food, yoga classes, and excellent maternity packages. You’ll be happy to know that such dream jobs do exist in some companies around the world, that is way too perfect and generous for their employees. The working atmosphere in these dream jobs is full of fun and contentment, balanced with work performance. Hence, everyone is happy, the employer and the employee.

1. Evolve, (Mixed Martial Arts)

Chatri Sityodtong, the founder of Evolve, an MMA company, got so happy with his employee’s performance, that he gave them a salary raise of 30% every year. Along with this, he took 100 of his employees for a 5-star vacation to the Maldives, spending half a million dollars for the trip.

2. BrewDog Brewery 

This company is way too perfect, as it is popular for beer and cares for dogs, where they oblige employees to bring their pets to work. They understand that it’s difficult to leave pets behind at home alone. The employees are given time to take off to take care of new puppies, with enhanced paternity and maternity pay.

3. Gravity Payments

The founder of Gravity, Dan Price was extremely generous by setting $70,000 as the minimum wage for each one of his employees. Since he shared his profits with his employees, he couldn’t purchase his dream electric car, aTesla. But to his surprise, he was gifted with a Tesla, by his employees who saved up and pitched in over the past six months and bought the dream car for their boss.

4. Hare Krishna Exports

Savji Dholakia the generous CEO of this giant Indian corporation that exports diamonds, bought each of his employees, an apartment and a car in 5 years. A promise that he fulfilled with 1,260 cars and 400 apartments. This generous act is definitely way too perfect and one of the dream jobs, which everyone now desires.

5. Sagmeister & Walsh

Stefan Sagmeister is a famous graphic designer and owner of Sagmeister & Walsh, who believes a lengthy vacation keeps you refreshed and focused. Otherwise, one may lose their capabilities and burn their artistic skills. Hence, he gives his employees a year-long leave, every seven years after experiencing it himself.

6. Invasion

Lee McAteer, the co-founder of Invasion, in Manchester, UK, went on to add fun and comfort at the office by turning it into a giant ball pit. Almost 250,000 colorful balls were dumped in the working place, as Lee’s motive was to swing the mood of his employees and make them happy.

7. Hime & Co.

It is one of the dream jobs, way too perfect for every couple in love. This marketing company is very compassionate towards women, who have a heartbreak in their love relationships. These women are given leave to deal with the breakup as per their age, like those older than 25 get 2 days, and 30 plus women get 3 days. The employees also get to shop for half a day during the season sales.

8. Asana 

The creators of Facebook that established this food and beverage company, committed a generous act, by giving their employees happiness via exquisite meals, cooked every day by some finest cooks. And plenty of chocolates for everybody, which shows how much the employees are valued and appreciated for their efforts. Who knew such dream jobs come in meal packages?

9.  Kids’ College Learning Center

Veronica Solis, the Texas cook has never complained or missed a day of work even when she was fighting for her life with cancer. She decided to leave the job for not reaching work on time due to public transport problems, which hampered her boss’s business. But the boss, Alex Rios was so inspired by her, that he gifted her a car.

10. Criteria Corp.

They are a pre-employment testing company based in West Hollywood, California, which offers vision, health, and dental insurance to their employees along with 20% discounted pet insurance plans.

11. Whole Foods Market

Most retail companies offer a discount to their employees, but Whole Foods were way too perfect by giving an additional 10% (on top of the standard 20%) for keeping their health in check so that they are able to meet their BMI target. In the bargain, employees are encouraged to take care of their health as well as the business.

12. Starbucks

Starbucks is one of those dream jobs, where employees get free lunch, health insurance, bonuses, and 401(k) matching and a Starbucks discounted stock purchase options., called the ‘Your Special Blend’ package. Including, an advantage of partner perks such as 30% in-store and online discounts, one free pound of coffee, a box of K-Cup Packs or tea for a week.

13. USAA

They provide a range of benefits including an on-site health clinic, pharmacy, gym and a cafeteria with discounted prices on healthy food. They take a special interest in their employee’s well-being and improvement, along with encouraging them to perform better. USAA facilitates an Employee Education Program, which provides payment to full-time and part-time employees of up to $10,000 per year for approved educational expenses like university degrees.

14. Microsoft

Ultimately, it is benefits that everybody seeks for in their dream jobs and Microsoft does entice its employees with exactly that. They offer health and wellness care, 8 weeks of paid maternity leave and 12 weeks of fully paid parental leave to bond with their new family. Including, 401 (k) plan and stock purchase plan along with $800 reimbursement for the cost of gym memberships and fitness programs.

15. Facebook

Facebook tops the list in dream jobs, with the best benefits than any company in the world. They believe in their employee’s happiness besides generous pay and perks, career opportunities and the perfect balanced work life. Their focus is on human values, by giving paid leave to its employees, to grieve the loss of a family member along with paid sick family leaves. A $4,000 is given to employees with a newborn baby, as well as four months of paid leave for new parents.


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