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Turkey Likely To Enhance Its Troops’ Presence In Qatar

Photo: Qatar Living

Turkey is planning to deploy air and naval forces to Qatar to add to its already existing ground troops in Qatar. However, there is no specific timeline for the move.

“According to the agreement signed between Qatar and Turkey in 2014, all ground, air, and naval forces will be deployed to Qatar,” said Turkish ambassador to Qatar Fikret Ozer.

Ankara and Doha would determine the ‘timeline of the construction of the necessary infrastructure and when these forces will be deployed through talks,’ he said.

The initial batch of Turkish arrived at the Tariq Bin Ziyad military base in 2015. The camp, located south of Doha, is Turkey’s first such installation in the Middle East and can accommodate up to 5,000 soldiers.

The envoy refused to reveal the number of Turkish forces in Qatar. “That information would be disclosed if our Qatari brothers agree to share that. We’re guests here. They’re the hosts,” he said.

Turkey is also urging to resolve the ongoing crisis between Qatar and Saudi-led bloc.

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