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UAE Airlines Deny Reports Of Qatari Fighter Jets Interception

Photo: Qatar Tribune

UAE was embarrassed after the claims of fighter jets interception was denied by its own carriers. Etihad, Flydubai and Air Arabia airlines denied interception of their aircraft by Qatari fighter jets, while Emirates, the other carrier from the UAE, refused to comment on reports of the incident.

It was reported by Emirati state media that two civilian aircraft headed to Bahrain were intercepted by Qatar. However, the reports were rejected by Qatar and described it as a ‘systematic attack’ by the UAE to draw attention away from its own violations of Qatari airspace.

Aviation analyst Alex Macheras said that if Monday’s incident had taken place as described, he would expect the airlines involved to come forward, a formal complaint to be made to international bodies and passengers on board the flights to have shared pictures.

“The international community for aviation expects the UN to be notified with details of the interception, time, coordinates, location and a full run-down of what happened … exactly like what Qatar supplied the UN with when the UAE military jets flew over Doha’s economic area,” Macheras told Al Jazeera.

“Until then, it seems these accusations are more in retaliation to being the subject of Qatar’s UN complaint rather than a genuine occurrence.”

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