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Kuwaiti Emir Urges For Cooperation Among GCC States

The Kuwaiti emir has called for cooperation among the GCC states and urged the states to settle their differences, he made is comments while addressing the opening session of the 11th Meeting of Chairpersons and Speakers of Shura, Representatives Councils and National Assemblies of the GCC.

He added that the “deteriorating circumstances” in the Gulf “represent a challenge to all of us”.

Sheikh Sabah stressed the importance of cooperation, consultation and meeting at all levels in order to face the deteriorating situation in the region and the growing challenges before the GCC.

“We all understand the problems facing our GCC, and these problems require more meetings and consultations at all levels,” he said. “We will never be able to face these challenges individually.”

Currently, the region is embroiled in a crisis after the Saudi-led bloc imposed sanctions on Qatar after accusing it of supporting terrorism. A claim which is denied by Qatar, while Kuwait has been the main negotiator between the two parties so far.

Sheikh Sabah said there had been some progress towards a resolution, but did not offer additional details. “What we have in common is we will never be affected by a dispute,” he said. “We see it as temporary, however long it takes.”

Photos: Gulf Times

The Kuwaiti leader highlighted the important role of the legislative bodies as representatives of the GCC countries in drawing the path of development, construction and communication “under these delicate circumstances which require all to realise the dimensions and risks”.

He highlighted the achievements of Gulf entity over past four decades, and added: “What brings us together is greater than any disagreement that we see as a transient no matter how long”.

The Speaker of Advisory Council HE Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Zaid al-Mahmoud is heading Qatar’s delegation to the meeting.

The Speaker of Qatar’s Advisory Council praised the speech of the Emir of Kuwait which he said included “a great vision and constructive ideas to maintain the cohesion of the GCC and remove all obstacles that hinder doing the joint GCC work”.

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