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Boss Killed By An Expat For Denying Leave

A Pakistani technician has been charged for the murder of an Indian supervisor in Dubai after he denied his request to go on leave.

The accused had requested to travel but his application was rejected in August. The worker was frustrated after his boss refused to talk to him when he tried to approach him a week after submitting his request in the Jebel Ali industrial area.

According to the prosecutors, the suspect then had a heated argument before stabbing the supervisor repeatedly, killing him on the spot. He also tried to attack another coworker but was overpowered by him.

They also said that the accused has confessed to stabbing and killing the supervisor.

However, the suspect pleaded “not guilty” before the Dubai Court of First Instance. “No, I did not,” the suspect was quoted as telling the presiding judge Fahd Al Shamsi.

The forensic report confirmed that the victim had received fatal wounds in his kidney and lungs.

A police brigadier told prosecutors. “A witness, who was interrogated at the crime scene, alleged that the suspect had had hidden the knife it in his dress.”

“When we arrived at the crime scene, the co-worker had restrained the suspect, whose hands and clothes were covered in blood,” the brigadier prosecutors,” he added.

The case has been adjourned on January 14 until the court appoints a lawyer to defend the suspect.

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