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Saudi Arabia peeved over Trump-Salman image in Algeria

Supporters of Algeria’s Ain Melilla football club staged a pro-Palestine rally in an Algiers stadium on Saturday which has angered the Saudi government.

Saudi officials are irked after an image used by pro-Palestine demonstrators in Algiers comparing Saudi Arabia’s king to the US president, according to news media reports.

The racket erupted as Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Ibrahim al-Sheikh, chairman of the Saudi Shura Council, arrived in Algeria on Monday to discuss bilateral ties with Algerian officials.

The banner carried by the Algerian football fans, portrayed an image of a face, half of which belonged to King Salman bin Abdulaziz while the other half belonged to Donald Trump along with the caption “Two faces of the same coin.”, Turkey’s Anadolu Agency said in a report.

The image was planned to express displeasure with Trump’s decision earlier this month to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which has prompted widespread condemnation and protest across the Arab and Muslim world.

The following day, Sami bin Abdullah al-Saleh, Saudi ambassador to Algeria, voiced the Saudi’s “annoyance” with the image, Anadolu Agency said.

“We will look into the authenticity of this image and take the appropriate response,” Saleh said on Twitter.

On Sunday, with Algerian and Saudi activists widely sharing the image on social media, Saudi media outlets were describing the incident as an “insult” to King Salman, the report said.

Meanwhile Algerian authorities have yet to issue a statement on the issue, the Anadolu Agency report said.



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