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Doha Corniche Has Been Decked Up As Qatar Prepares To Celebrate National Day

Qatar is all set to celebrate the blissful occasion and most of the action is going to be at the Doha Corniche today. Over the last few days, the Doha Corniche has been adorned especially for the occasion of National Day.

The ceremonial parade will begin at 3pm and people are expected to flow to the area well in advance, say about 12 noon.

Preparations for the National Day Parade are in full swing. Special tents have been set up for VIPs and the public, with the complete stretch of Corniche from the Emiri Diwan to the Sheraton Interchange marked out for the occasion, according to Gulf Times.

There are special decorations and lights put up all over the roads and a plethora of huge flower beds and bouquets have been set up at the venue. Exclusive lighting arrangements can also be seen, giving the area a dazzling look.

The roads are decorated with thousands of national flags as well as official portraits of HH The Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani.

After the parade, there will be some special fireworks show at the Doha Corniche. The fireworks are likely to be spectacular this year and the organisers have promised many surprises, reported The Peninsula.

Scheduled to be held at the Corniche between 8pm and 8.10pm, the fireworks will have 100,000 effects. The show will be pyromusical, which means the fireworks will be set to music, and it is something that should not be missed.

There will also a special National Day surprise involving a very tall structure according to the show designer.

“We’re going to make 100,000 effects and this year it’ll be very special and there’ll be many surprises. We’ve a structure, which is as high as a ten-storey building, as part of the show and it’ll be a special surprise for the National Day,” said Dr Fariborz Samadian, Engineer and Designer of the fireworks show.

Happy National Day each and everyone!

Photo: qatarliving


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