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62 Year-Old Man In Dubai Accused Of Raping His Maid

A Filipino domestic worker has accused her employer of raping her on multiple occasions and threatening her to beat if she revealed anything.

The 52-year-old helper said during an investigation that she came to Dubai in September 2016 on a visa sponsored by her employer, she added that her employer started to rape her in March.

“He raped and sexually assaulted me on several occasions and each time he would threaten to assault me if I did not do as he pleased,” she said.

Even on the day she filed a case, (October 4) she was raped, but this time she decided to take the risk and contacted police.

“He forced himself on me after he threatened me as usual. I tried to keep him away but stopped when he threatened me. I felt so scared and did not scream because there was no one but us in the flat,” the victim said.

The forensic report confirmed that she was raped. Bruises were visible on her body, the report said.

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