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Prominent Saudi Cleric Slammed For Keeping Mum On Jerusalem

Photo: The New Arab

Prominent Saudi cleric Sheikh Mohammed al-Arifi has been criticized for focusing on simple issues like the permissibility of wiping socks before prayer and maintaining silence on Jerusalem issue.

“Jerusalem is lost and you are talking about socks,” one commented on Sheikh Arifi’s socks tweet.

Other were upset because Arifi posted what appeared like woman’s stockings.

Saudi Arabia has ordered media outlets not to get too deep on US’ controversial decision on Jerusalem.

The Saudi royal court sent a “severe warning” to bosses of newspapers and television and radio stations this week about the issue which has sparked protests across the Arab world, sources said.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, they added that the directive ordered media to instead “take aim at Iran and other regional countries” in its coverage.

However, the Saudi royal court slammed Trump’s “unjustified and irresponsible” decision, in a surprise move that will likely embarrass Riyadh’s leadership.

Even the Supreme Council of Islamic Scholars – the kingdom’s most senior religious body – also released a statement, “confirming the great status of Jerusalem” in the Muslim world.

Meanwhile, an Israeli minister said that Trump had the ‘green light’ from Arab leaders before announcing the decision.

Yisrael Katz claimed that the US administration had coordinated with the Arab leaders about the decision.

Regarding Saudi Arabia’s position on Trump’s move, Katz claimed Riyadh would take into account “shared security interests with Israel”, particularly in relation to common foe Iran.

Israel considers Jerusalem as its capital, a claim rejected by the majority of the nations.

East Jerusalem – which includes the Old City – is considered occupied Palestinian territory under international law.

The Palestinians hope it would become the capital of their future state once agreed in final status negotiations with Israel, according to the 1993 Oslo Accords. Trump’s move puts this hope in serious jeopardy.

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