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Macron Backs Kuwaiti Mediation In The Gulf Crisis

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French President Emmanuel Macron has support the mediation of Kuwait to end the ongoing crisis between Qatar and four Arab states.

“With regards to situation in the Gulf, I want to see a promise of reconciliation between its members, as I have said since the beginning of the crisis,” he said on Thursday at a joint press conference in Doha with Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani.

The Saudi-led bloc severed ties with Qatar in June after accusing it of supporting terrorism. However, Qatar has denied the accusations and said it was against the terrorism.

The recently concluded GCC summit also could not bring two disputing parties together as the blockading countries leaders did not show up. The event was cut short by a day.

Meanwhile, Qatari emir reiterated the need for talks between the parties to end the crisis, but said sovereignty was not subject to compromise.

“We need to sort out the problems but not at the expense of our dignity and our sovereignty,” he said alongside the French leader.

“We cannot accept intervention in our internal affairs. Qatari people have the right to know the reasons behind the blockade and the violence.”

Qatar and France signed commercial contracts worth 12bn euros.


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