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GCC Summit Curtailed

Photo: The Peninsula

GCC summit was forced to conclude on Tuesday instead of Wednesday, with all the delegates leaving Kuwait after a closed session.

Qatari emir was eager to participate in the summit and arrived in Kuwait, but the same interest was not shared by the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

“I hope that the summit results in maintaining the security and stability of the Gulf,” Emir said in Kuwait.

Saudi King Salman on Tuesday sent his foreign minister to lead the kingdom’s delegation.

The summit was seen as an ideal platform to resolve the ongoing crisis. In October, Kuwait Emir, H H Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah, who has been mediating the standoff, warned of the potential collapse of the GCC if the crisis continued.

Qatar’s emir is open to have a dialogue to resolve the crisis, but all the calls have fallen on deaf ears.

The ongoing war in Yemen is also expected to be a topic of discussion. A Saudi-led coalition has been bombing the poorest nation in the Middle East since March 2015, creating one of the biggest humanitarian disasters of modern times.

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