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UN Team Reaches Qatar To Examine Siege Impact

A technical delegation from the UN arrived in Qatar on a five day visit to assess the impact of blockade. The delegation will be meeting the victims and collect data from the field about various violations.

National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Chairman Dr Ali bin Smaikh al-Marri said that the attention of international organisations is a positive sign, but claimed it was not enough and a stronger push is needed to end the crisis.

He made his comments during a hearing organised by the British parliament in London for the NHRC and Amnesty International, which was represented by deputy head of global issues, James Lynch.

The session looked into the impact of the blockade on Qatar and the measures required to alleviate the crisis. Al Marri praised British parliamentarians and urged them to pressurise against the violations.

The NHRC chief noted that the committee has recently reported statements of senior officials admitting to the siege and boasting about it at their official and non-official media platforms.

Al-Marri said he was conveying the “pain and hopes of thousands of affected people” to the British parliament, and carrying a message from those affected after six months of siege.

“They demand that the international community put an end to their suffering and they affirm that the free world cannot remain idle when the siege countries are playing with the fate of citizens and residents of Qatar”

He also highlighted the losses of Qatari property owners and investors in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

There are still many unsolved family issues like split family, violation of freedom of movement and the right to practice religious rites, Al Marri said.

He slammed siege nations for relying on intimidation and threats to punish GCC citizens and residents as a means to achieving political objectives, which is against the principles of human rights conventions and charters.

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