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Duo’s Joke Kills A Friend In Abu Dhabi

Photo: Khaleej Times

Two workers were charged for the death of their friend when one of them ‘jokingly’ pushed the man into the sea. The Criminal Court of First Instance heard the incident, the Asian men had gone to the beach for swimming.

When they got out of the deep water and stood near the beach, one of the men jokingly pushed his colleague to “check his balance”. The victim fell in the water, hitting his head on a rock underneath. He bled heavily and died.

The two friends disappeared from the spot fearing that they would be held responsible for the man’s death, they didn’t even report the matter to the police.

The police found the body at the beach and later arrested the friends after the investigations. Prosecutors charged the pair with causing the death of their colleague.

The workers admitted to being present at the beach when their colleague fell in the water, but denied killing him intentionally. One of the workers said: “While standing near the beach, I jokingly pushed him to check his balance. He fell on a rock that was beneath the water. It was just an accident. I didn’t mean to hurt or kill my friend.”

The men said they tried to help their colleague “but he was bleeding very heavily and became unconscious”. The court said they would contact the victim’s family to see if they would pardon the workers in return for blood money.

The trial was adjourned until November 26.

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