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Hospital In Saudi Arabia Makes A Blunder, Woman’s Uterus Buried Instead Of Dead Baby

Photo: Life In Saudi Arabia

A shocking news has emerged from Saudi hospital where a woman’s uterus was buried instead of a dead baby, which has sparked outrage among people.

A man who kept his name confidential reported to Al Watan that he took his five month pregnant wife to Al Rafha General hospital who had severe bleeding.

The staff who attended his wife told their decision to remove his wife’s uterus with a dead fetus which came as a shock for the couple. He said that the dead fetus was removed surgically along with the uterus and handed to him what he thought was a fetus.

He performed the rituals and buried it in the cemetery. He then got a call three days later from the hospital, saying they mistakenly have uterus instead of uterus of the fetus and the fetus was shifted to the hospital nursery.

The man who was shocked to hear the statement from the hospital, said: “Why the fetus was transferred to the nursery in the first place and why we were not informed of this. All these questions were raised in the complaint I submitted to the hospital management.”

However, the management did not have the courtesy to respond or offer an apologies for their mistake. It clearly showed the irresponsibility of the hospital management.

The man then brought the matter to the notice of the Ministry of Health. He said his wife never suffered from any serious illness before the incident of bleeding.

Faleh Al Ruvaili, director of public relations in the health affairs in the northern Border Province. He said, “The citizen had filed a complaint at the time and it was referred to the authority in Rafha health affairs which launched an investigation.”

The initial reports revealed there was a procedural error in delivering the sample after surgery from the concerned department in the hospital. Further reports are yet to be ascertained as the investigation is still going on.

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