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Saudi Arabia’s Youngest Married Couple Give Birth To Their First Child

Ali Al-Kaissi, a 16-years-old young second-year student of intermediate married his 15-year-old cousin almost a year and a half ago and is considered to be the youngest groom of city Tabuk.

Now the news has emerged that they have given birth to their first child and has drawn a dabate among people. He became a father of a baby boy last Friday and has thanked god for his happiness.

He said in an interview that his wife was refused to be operated in the absence of her father as she was below 18. The hospital insisted that her father should sign a legal document allowing doctors to perform a caesarean delivery if necessary.

Later, Ali met the head of the hospital and he was allowed to sign the documents. The deliver was normal and caesarean was not needed. Ali named the baby Mohammed after his father.

The baby is currently under the care of his mother-in-law. The news had mixed opinion, while some supported him, he was also criticized by other section of people.

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The view of people who were against this was understandable as a child producing another child comes with massive responsibilities and risks. Parenthood is a serious business and the boy himself has not lived his own childhood like other kids.

On the other hand, one of his supporter said that this type of marriage was better than illegal relationship and watching porn at a young age.

However, Shoura Council is taking necessary steps to make legislation against Child Marriage as 1 out of every 7 girls in Saudi Arabia gets married before 18.

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