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Qatar Has Easy And Simple Entry Permit System: Survey

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Qatar has further simplified the entry of tourists into the country with various measures this year, which has pleased the visitors and most of them said that the procedures were ‘easy and simple’.

The survey by the Ministry of Interior on its web portal showed 77 percent participants terming the entry permit procedures to be simple and easy.

To the question “do you think that the new procedures for entry permits are easy and simple?” asked by the Ministry, 49 percent people termed the procedures totally “easy and simple” while around 14 percent people agreed with procedures’ easy and simple nature and 14 percent termed them easy and simple to some extent.

The poll started on September 28, 2017 and will end on October 31. The survey is part of permanent feature ‘Current Discussion’ on the web portal in which the feedback is collected on various issues.

Under this month’s “Current Discussion”, the Ministry has selected “procedures for entry permits (visas) to Qatar” as the subject. “The Ministry of Interior has accorded great attention to simplify entry procedures to the State of Qatar through its different ports, especially after the increase in the number of travelers, following the decision to allow citizens of more than 80 countries to enter the country without visa,” the Ministry wrote on the web portal.

A total of 1293 responded to the question, As many as 637 (49%) totally agreed with the statement, 179 (14%) agreed, 187 (14%) agreed to some extent, 211 (16%) people are not agreed with the statement that the procedures have become easy and simple while 79 (6%) people have expressed their ignorance on the subject.

Qatar had relaxed its visa policies in August this year, allowing visa-free entry to citizens of 80 nations. The announcement made Qatar the number one nation in the region in terms of number of nationalities eligible to enter visa-free.

Qatar also began Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to facilitate visitors, which is available to those who held valid residence permits or visas from either the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Schengen countries, or the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council.

This new system, took effect on September 27, 2017, and is allowing eligible visitors to obtain an ETA by completing a simple online application prior to travel at www.qatarvisaservice.com.

Applicants must provide proof of accommodation, details of their return or onward travel, a copy of their passport with a minimum validity of six months, and a copy of their residence permit or visa to the aforementioned countries, with a minimum validity of 30 days.

Once the applicant’s request is approved they receive an ETA that is valid for use within 30 days. The ETA’s validity for use may be renewed for a further 30 days on www.qatarvisaservice.com.

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