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Winter Vegetable Markets Attract Huge Crowd On Inaugural Day

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The winter vegetable markets managed to pull huge crowd on the opening day as 80 local farms offered 26 varieties of fresh vegetable and fruits. More than 36 tonnes of vegetables and over 21 tonnes of fruits were sold at markets opened in Al Mazrouah, Al Khor-Dhakhira and Al Wakrah, said the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Additionally, a total of 700kg of fish, 164 crates of egg and 196 hens were also traded. Ghadeer dairy farm sold 54 litres of milk at Al Wakrah market.

The shelves in markets had different kinds of cucumbers, capsicums, zucchinis, pumpkins, eggplants, rocket leaves, spinach, sweet melon and watermelon.

“As many new farms joined the winter markets this year, so more products, including some organic, are expected to come to the markets this season, said Adel Al Kaldi,” Assistant Head of Agricultural Affairs Department at the Ministry.  Al Kaldi said the Ministry supports farmers to increase local produce by providing seeds, agricultural tools and equipment and consultancy. “The Ministry is considering to open a winter market in Katara by January and a festival of agricultural produce at Souq Waqif,” he added. “The winter vegetable market at Al Mazrouh has separate outlets for fruits, livestock and fodders. The Social Development Center is offering traditional food at the Market,” said Abdul Rahman Al Sulaiti, Supervisors of Winter Vegetables Markets.

Al Sulaiti informed that a total of 34 farms were participating at Al Mazrouah, 24 farms at Al Khor and 22 farms at Al Wakrah. “The markets will remain open on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm”, he added.

The traders were given extra free spaces at their farms for cultivating vegetables and also had greenhouses to help them to offer more produce on the first day.

Talking about the prices, the farmers said that the prices were lower at winter markets compared to other places and expected the prices to go down further in the coming days.

“By the end of December, many new products like tomato, cauliflower, cabbage will be ready for harvest, Mohamad Iqbal,” a vendor at Al Mazrouh Market told.

He added that they were offering a box of 7kg cucumbers at QR30, a box of pumpkin of same quantity at QR20, said Iqbal. We offer three types of eggplant-a box of 6kg at QR24 and a box of 3kg at QR15. A box of zucchini (commonly known as Kusa) is available at QR38 for 6kg and QR19 for 3kg. Seven bundles of rocket leaves are being traded at QR13 and the prices of green beans are QR24 for big box and QR12 for small one.

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