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Saudi Groom Takes His Friend To Court After Receiving A Bizarre Wedding Gift

This has to be one of the most bizarre lawsuits that you will ever come across. A groom sued his friend for giving him a wedding gift, which had two riyals and a message.

The message read “this is so much more than you deserve”, the groom was understandably upset with this decided to teach him a lesson.

The defendant admitted to giving him the gift and said that he could not afford more due to tough financial circumstances.

After the first court hearing, the prosecution accused the defendant of “insulting his friend by writing an inappropriate statement on the envelope he gave him”.

The case will be handed over to the concerned authorities who will issue a final verdict in the case.

Here’s how the internet reacted:

“What do you expect the court to do? Make them 5 riyals?”

People just can’t even…

“You’re going to pay your lawyer more than 2 riyals now, God help you”

“God help the woman who married this groom”

Many think the incident was blown out of proportion

“It might’ve all been a joke, you just took it too seriously”

“And they say women are simple-minded”

People can’t wait to hear the verdict

Not everyone’s taking the incident lightly though

Some believe the groom did the right thing

“Not everyone can handle an insult”

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