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Saudi Arabia Brings Down Validity Of Expats’ Work Visas To One Year

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The Kingdom has decided to permit work visas for private sector employees in the country for one year. Previously it was valid for two years.

The order was issued by the Kingdom’s Minister of Labor and Social Development, Dr. Ali Al-Ghafis, to increase job opportunities for the young Saudi nationals. The decision was made on the basis of Article 11 of the Labor Law.

The provision grants the labor minister authority to make decisions “deemed necessary for improving the efficiency of the employment market”.

Another major decision was also taken by the ministry, which allows non-Saudi children born to Saudi mothers and foreign mother of Saudi nationals to work in professions which were earlier restricted to Saudis only.

Saudi women married to foreigners cannot pass their citizenship to their children and before the latest announcement, those born to non-Saudi fathers couldn’t work in jobs restricted to nationals.

In recent months, “a bill to grant the Saudi citizenship to children born to Saudi mothers and foreign fathers passed the security committee at the Shura Council,” according to Gulf News. The country’s council is currently debating the matter.

The decision on visa can reduce the rate of unemployement in the country. The kingdom has passed several orders under the plan, including one that terminates all contracts with expatriate workers in governments and ministries within three years and another that limits jobs in shopping malls to Saudi nationals.

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