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Former Prime Minister Opens Up About Siege Nations’ Hidden Agenda

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Former Prime Minister and foreign minister of Qatar H E Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabor Al Thani said that the blockading states were looking to create a rift with Qatar and they hid this intention and hacking of QNA was just a pretext for imposing blockade.

“Hacking of the Qatar News Agency was just a pretext for these countries to impose blockade and there was no need for hacking because everything was pre-planned,” said Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim while talking on a Qatar TV talk show “The Truth” last night.

“The difference between the current dispute and earlier ones between Qatar and the blockade countries is that earlier whatever the dispute was, there was some respect and they did not abuse leaders and we didn’t reach to this level. We usually find solutions to our problems and disputes,” Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim added.

The UAE’s criticism is strange and it is just because of the success of Qatar in some fields, he said that it should instead be a source of motivation to them as UAE is also a source of motivation for Qatar in some projects. He added that instead of giving chance to others to laugh, helping each other would be wise.

He noted that Qatar has many times given up on many of its issues to hold the unity of Arab as whole.

Speaking about Al Jazeera, he said that it was started to raise the voice of Arab citizens and after three years of its establishment the problems started to emerge. The channel helped a lot of people by telling them the truth.

He also revealed that he was one among those who participated in establishing the network based on the directions of the Father Emir, but later regretted as it created many problems because of some Arab countries, which are not used to such freedom of expression.

Replying to a question about the voices and reports which say that Qatar must give up its sovereignty for Saudi Arabia, he said that “In this century and after establishing the United Nation, no country is small or big, all are equal now. The flags of all the countries are equal at the United Nation, and the international law guarantee the rule of law”.

It was possible earlier to sacrifice their sovereignity to ensure their protection but today there are international laws which ensure peaceful coexistence of small and big countries together.

The former minister said that there is a need for intellectual renaissance to solve the problems because one country cannot force opinion on others. He noted that Saudi Arabia was a big and important country for GCC.

Disputes must be discussed within GCC and any issue can be solved like other disputes in the past, he said.

He added that if these countries had new policies then they can be discussed with Qatar and there is every chance of agreeing with suitable changes. But this should be based on clear vision and principles.

He also talked about some historical disputes between Qatar, Bahrain, UAE and Saudi Arabia and said that all the disputes were resolved because of the wise leadership.

About the relation of some countries with Israel, he said “I don’t blame any country to create relation with Israel but they should not give up Arab issues,” he said.

Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim Al Thani regretted that he did not see any role for the Gulf leaders in the current Gulf crisis.

“We did not see any initiative by the GCC officials in this crisis,” he said. “I wish I could see them in this crisis even if they considered Qatar responsible. They even did not call for a meeting to discuss the crisis”.

“We cannot impose views by force, especially as we look forward to attracting investors, changing our educational or health system, creating jobs, creating a better life for our people and raising the income of the individual in the GCC,” he added.

“There were mistakes made by all GCC countries regarding the use of wealth in the past, but there are countries that changed this and created a new environment respecting law and raised their incomes. So why we should talk about big and small countries. We must act as equal states”.

“We know that Saudi Arabia is the great sister country, and it has respect and status. I always say that Saudi Arabia is the backbone of the GCC, but we should settle our differences on a clear basis.”

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