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You Will Be Landing In Jail If You Are Indulged In These Simple Things In Dubai

It should be said that Dubai has a bizarre legal system that can land a tourist in trouble and it is pretty important to know the laws to avoid unnecessary problems. In some case the tourists are unaware for what they are being detained.

Here are the 11 ways that can get you arrested in Dubai:


As weird as it may sound, cross-dressing is illegal in Dubai and it can get you arrested as it is seen as unacceptable by the majority of society and government.

Dancing in public

Though the city has many night clubs and dance clubs, dancing in public is prohibited and considered as an offence, a disruption to the public.

Swearing, using obscenities, or making rude gestures in public

Being rude and using inappropriate language can land you in prison. There are instances where people have been arrested showing the middle finger during an argument.

Having intimate relations with the opposite gender in public

Having an extra-marital affairs is not allowed and can get you arrested. Tourists have been jailed for kissing or even holding hands in public.

Sharing a room or leaving together as an unmarried couple

Unmarried couples are not allowed to share a hotel room or live together in Dubai. Find out how strict is your hotel, as some international hotels don’t check for the marital status.

Being accused of rape and also for being the victim of rape

It’s ok to arrest the accused, but in Dubai has a controversial practice of arresting the victim as well in few cases, as they are deemed to have engaged in an extramarital affairs.

Drinking alcohol in public or in a non-licensed place

You can consume alcohol only in a licensed restaurant or a bar. If you are caught drunk outside you will be arrested.

Importing, selling or using drugs

Well, this leads to an arrest in any country. The possession of even a small amount of illegal drugs leads to a minimum of four years in prison.

Promoting a charity on social media

Most of them find it difficult to digest, but the fact is that you are not allowed to promote a charity without the permission of the government.

Posting anti-UAE posts

Recently, people were banned from showing their solidarity with Qatar after the regional blockade. Not just that any anti-UAE or anti-government posts will land you in trouble.

Protesting in public

You cannot protest, organise or conduct large gatherings to exhibit your dissatisfaction with the conduct of the government or royal familes.

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