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Kuwaiti Emir Warns Of Escalation Of The Ongoing Crisis

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah has warned that the ongoing crisis in the region might get worse and also spoke about the GCC situation.

Speaking at the Kuwaiti parliament session, the emir warned the GCC leaders of potential dangerous military and political intervention.

“Contrary to our wishes and hopes, the Gulf crisis has the potential of escalating; therefore, all of us must be fully aware of its potential consequences,” Sheikh Sabah said.

“Any escalation will bring with it an outright call for regional and international intervention, which will destroy the security of the Gulf and its people.”

Meanwhile, the GCC has been dragged into the issue as the crisis continue.

Sheikh Sabah stressed that Kuwait‘s mediation efforts should be seen through the lens of the family of Gulf nations: “We are not a third party in this crisis. Rather, we are a party of one with the other two brother-nations in this crisis.”

The GCC is the only beacon of light and hope amid the darkness now gripping the region, the emir added.

He stressed that the collapse of GCC would mean the end of last bastion of joint Arab cooperation.

“History and the future generations of Arabs will not forget those who contributed to the escalation of the conflict and caused the destruction of the Gulf,” Sheikh Sabah cautioned.

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