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Qatar Approaching Towards Self Sufficiency In Poultry

Qatar has achieved 75% self-sufficiency in its poultry needs and 47 percent in diary with an increase of 25 percent and 20 percent in production respectively since the crisis broke out in June, said Farhud Hadi Al Hajari, Head of the Livestock Department at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment.

Al Hajari gave credit to local dairy and poultry farms “which acted quickly for increasing their production capacity to meet growing demands of local market availing the opportunity to grab the market shares of blockading countries” for the achievement.

He added that Qatar is looking to be an exporter of dairy and poultry products soon. The Livestock Department has issued 25 new licenses for dairy and poultry farms after the blockade. The construction works on ten new dairy farms and three poultry farms have already been started, while the existing firms are expanding.

These projects, when completed, will produce surplus, 196.6 per cent in milk production and 257 per cent in poultry, which will be available for export, Al Hajari said.

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