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Mediation Is To Safeguard The Gulf House: Kuwaiti Emir

The Kuwaiti Emir said during the second ordinary session of the 15th legislative term of National Assembly, that his country’s mediation was to protect the Gulf House from collapsing.

The Emir said, “the mediation of Kuwait is not merely a traditional mediation by a party between two parties. We are not a party but one party with two brothers”, expressing hope that every one would be fully aware of the risks of escalation with resulting implications of regional and international damage to the Gulf and its people.

The Emir also said that the history and future generations of the Gulf and the Arabs will not forgive anyone who contributes, even with one word, to fuel the Gulf crisis or be part in it.

He stressed that GCC is a positive sign in this difficult situation and a model to be followed in cooperation.

He added that there was a need to approach the crisis in a calm manner and to avoid the conflict in an attempt to overcome the situation, saying “what brings us together is stronger than what divides us.”

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