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Emir Passes New Law On Public Hygiene

According to the new law issued by the Emir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani on public hygiene, people are prohibited from littering in public places, dumping of waste materials on rooftops, balconies and corridors including private properties

The Law No. 18 of 2017 on public hygiene doesn’t allow throwing or discarding waste out in public spots, squares, streets, roads, walkways, public parks, gardens, beaches, ocean, parking areas and open land.

Spitting and urinating are also not allowed in the public places. People involved in the said violations will be fined QR500.

As reported in qatar-tribune, the list of fines for not adhering with the rules is as below 

1.) Throwing tissue paper, empty soda cans, junk or spitting on the walkways or public spots – QR500. 

2. ) Leaving waste, trash sacks, food waste or other waste in front of houses, streets or public places – 


3. ) Cleaning or drying carpets, quilts or garments outside the windows or in the balconies in the road 

side or public spots – QR500. 

4.) Throwing garden waste on streets or out in the public spots – QR500 

5.) Waste water flowing to public streets – QR300 

6. ) Occupying squares, streets, alleys, sidewalks, and public parking spots with abandoned vehicles or 

Old machinery – QR1,000 

7. ) Throwing or leaving waste, junk, garbage bags or empty cans in front of public stores or shops or 

outside the waste collection bins – QR500 

8. ) Throwing or leaving food waste in gardens, on the shoreline, public places or on open land space 

– QR500 

9.) Washing vehicles or equipment in not acceptable places – QR300

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