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Qatar’s FM Claims GCC Meet Would Be An Ideal Platform For Dialogue

Minister of Foreign Affairs HE Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani reiterated Qatar’s commitment to the GCC system, saying that any summit of the GCC will be a good opportunity for a civilised and diplomatic dialogue between member countries.

“We still hope the summit would be held on time. If there is any delay, it will be because of the intransigence of these countries and their inability to confront or discuss the causes of the Gulf crisis.”

He said in a press conference that Qatar has not received any official letter about the postponement of the GCC summit, adding that any such postponement would be due to the indifference of the blockading countries.

“The GCC is quite important for the collective security and we feel sorry that the GCC will be a casualty of the siege of Qatar,” he said.

Speaking about the recent statements made by the Bahraini foreign minister on the crisis, the FM said: “The crisis has thrown up many surprises. In the allegations of so called heads of diplomacy, we neither see diplomacy nor maturity.”

He pointed out that”those who have made the allegations and talk about social repression, practised it in their countries the worst forms of social repression, and those who are talking about stirring up sedition are the ones who encourage it.”

He backed the mediation of Kuwait to resolve the crisis and urged all the parties to support it. He also praised the efforts of the Emir of Kuwait and his commitment of to the dialogue.

He said there are attempts by the Saudi-led bloc to normalise the siege.”But the humanitarian consequences of the siege such as separation of families cannot be normalised, the issue of 26,000 people affected by the siege cannot be normalised,” he said.

“The word normalisation can’t be used while they continue incitement and spend money of their people irresponsibly to open fronts in the West against Qatar to spread lies,” the Foreign Minister said.

On the Iranian influence in the region, the Foreign Minister said,”Doha‘s position is one of rejecting any negative influence and interference in the region and in the Arab world as a whole.”

“In our last meeting last year in Bahrain, the leaders committed themselves to engaging in a serious dialogue with Iran on the principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of any party, and resolve all issues through dialogue,” he said.

Meanwhile, Tillerson who is in Qatar, thanked the nation for its donation of $30 million to reduce the suffering and impact of hurricanes in the country.


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