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Sheikh Abdullah’s Assets Frozen By Qatari Government

Photo: Al Arabiya

Sheikh Abdullah bin Ali Al Thani, who belongs to the Al Thani royal family has been criticized for his role in the ongoing crisis. His assets and banks accounts have been blocked by the Qatari authorities.

“The Qatari regime has honoured me by freezing all my bank accounts,” he tweeted.

Sheikh Abdullah met Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to mediate on reopening a land border to allow Qatari pilgrims to perform the annual pilgrimage to holy city of Makkah.

Doha was quick to point out that he was in Saudi Arabia on a “personal” mission, not for the government.

“I wish Qatar… to return to its Gulf brothers as there is no one else to count on,” he tweeted on Saturday.

“I hope that Qatar will expel opportunists and friends of interests and return to the Gulf embrace,” he added.

He had called for a national meeting with him regarding the crisis. The Qatari royal family member told Al Arabiya at the time that the situation surrounding the crisis was “getting worst” and is “pushing us to a fate we do not want to reach”.

He is the second son of the late Emir Ali bin Abdullah Al Thani, the grandson of the Emir of Qatar, Abdullah bin Jassim Al Thani, and the brother of Sheikh Ahmed bin Ali Al Thani, who was overthrown by his cousin Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani, grandfather of Prince Tamim bin Hamad on February 22, 1972.

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