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Saudi Employee Terminated For Showing Solidarity With Qatar

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The Saudi Ministry of Education continued its nation’s unjust actions by terminating the employment contract of an official working at the Saudi Arabia embassy in France, for holding extremism views and insulting high-ranking officials in the country.

However, the real reason for his termination is believed to be something else. Yahya Almajmi, the employee was discharged of his duties for showing his solidarity with Qatar through his tweet.

The authorities in the four siege countries had earlier stated that they would be taking action against those who showed sympathy with Qatar.

Almajmi had published some tweets on his Twitter account saying, “I have never been a traitor to my homeland. My crime is that I showed solidarity with Qatari people and rejected the unjust siege imposed on Qatar.”

“I am not a dissident. I am not a traitor. I am not fanatic. I have only expressed solidarity with the Qatari people and rejected siege, and for this I was accused of treason,” he had said.

Almajmi even published a document on Twitter saying he was an official at the Saudi embassy in Paris.

Almajmi was terminated for his “extremist thought and insulting some high-ranking officials” in the country, the Saudi ministry spokesman Mubarak Alosaimi said.

Alosaimi added that the ministry had an eye on Almajmi’s tweets before taking the punitive action, the Saudi embassy in Paris had issued a statement condemning Almajmi’s tweets.

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