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Man Jailed In Qatar For Series Of ATM Frauds

The Qatar criminal court has sentenced a man to jail after he was found guilty of committing series of thefts for five years. Once he serves his sentence he will be deported.

He targeted people who were not familiar with operating ATM machines and offered them to assist to withdraw money from their account. While assisting he used to replace the card with a fake one and while the ATM declines the fake card, the victim is asked to contact their company or bank stating that there is some problem with the card.

He would until the victim leaves, the man then uses the card to withdraw money from the same. The accused was charged by the public prosecution for withdrawing the money fraudulently by using card that is stolen.

One of the victims said that the debit card was given to a person near the ATM as he was not familiar with the machine. The accused on the other hand had advised him to go to his employer the report the inactive card and stated that victim has money in his bank account.

The following day the victim was told that his card was fake. Most victims had complained to the police that the money was withdrawn by someone and provided descriptions to the authorities. Finally, the culprit was nabbed by the investigators and brought him to justice quickly.

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