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Forum Studies Misleading Coverage Of Siege Nations’ Media

The Department of Mass Communication at Qatar University College of Arts and Sciences (QU-CAS) held its first media forum, titled ‘Siege and Media: The Devil’s Lawyer and the Truth Seeker’.

QU said that the forum discussed the misleading media coverage of Qatar blockade by the siege countries’ media and showed how Qatari media dealt with crisis through solid facts and evidence.

The event included two sessions featuring discussions on six themes:

Propaganda and Psychological Warfare, Disinformation and Manipulation of Media, Media Coverage of Qatar’s Blockade and the Conflict between Truth and Lies, Crisis Reporting and the Absence of Professional Ethics, The Problem of Objectivity and Commitment in Covering the Qatar’s Blockade, and Qatar’s Blockade and Blockading Integrity, Commitment and Media Responsibility.

Prof al-Kaabi said, “This forum comes at a time when Qatar has achieved a media victory due to the professionalism of its media outlets which dealt with the crisis with transparency and objectivity.

However, the siege countries have been using over the last months a misleading media coverage that lacked media ethics, professional morality and values.”
Dr al-Melladi noted, “The issue of media and the blockade imposed on Qatar is a major concern.

“This forum will contribute to raising the students’ and community awareness on media ethics and how to avoid the unethical practices in the field of media such as manipulation and misrepresentation of facts to achieve political goals.”

Dr Kirat added, “The forum discusses the role of media in the siege countries and the media coverage of the Qatar’s blockade over the last hundred days.

“The siege countries have shown through their media coverage a lack of professionalism, commitment and respect to the readers.”

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