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Prominent Journalist Lauds Role Of Qatar’s Media Amid Crisis

Photo: Gulf Times

Prominent journalist Anu Sharma who was a guest on Qatar’s Radio show Haqeeqat said that the Qatar’s media handled the Saudi-led blockade with responsibility and acted sensibly even when the siege nations’ media were publishing fake news.

“The media channels of the blockading countries kept lying for many weeks, but I think gradually people in these countries are beginning to question the authenticity of the news,” she said, while pointing out that news grounded in lies creates sensation for a brief time and eventually people discover the truth.

“It’s a trend these days for a section of the media to create news for the sake of sensationalism and TRP (Target Rating Point), but the media channels in Qatar exercise their freedom with great responsibility.”

She has worked for All India Radio and Doordarshan apart from the print media and other TV channels.

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