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This Haunting Version Of Queen’s ‘Somebody To Love’ Is Going Viral

Singer Marc Martel has quoted Queen as one of his major musical influences and the late Freddie Mercury as one of his favorite singers.

Listening to the band’s music again and again, Marc began to realize just how much Freddie taught him not only about music but singing as well.

He recorded a cover of one of Queen’s biggest hits, “Somebody to Love.”

The moment he began to sing, fans of Freddie noticed it and the video became a viral hit. This simple audition video is a must-watch for Queen fans, who realize just how much the band changed their lives.

“Somebody to Love” is a single off of Queen’s album “A Day at the Races.” Freddie used voice layering techniques to get the “wall of sound” for the tune.

He was able to create the sound of a 100-voice choir with only three voices: himself, Brian May and Roger Taylor.

Watch the video below:

Photo: superstarmagazine


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