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Saudi’s Move Proves That Siege Countries Are No Longer Safe For Investments

Saudi Arabian authorities have shut down Ali Bin Ali Watches and Jewellery Stores in Jeddah citing lack of necessary licenses. The move reaffirms various local and international experts warning that siege nations were no longer safe for investments, if a diplomatic dispute arises between their country and one of the siege countries led by Saudi Arabia.

This also throws light on the contrary statements made by the siege countries which said that their disagreement was only with the Qatari government and not with the Qatari people.

The latest move to close down the showroom has been criticized by social media activists, including Saudi citizens. Some of them said the unprofessional move sends a clear message to the world that Saudi Arabia and other countries of the blockade are not safe for foreign investments.

“Saudi Arabia has not made a distinction between the public and the private, and has been attacking everything which is Qatari,” said Al Watan Deputy Editor Abdul Rahman al Qahtani in a tweet.

“Since the beginning of the Gulf crisis, Riyadh has been lying when it says it is safeguarding the interests of the Qatari people. What they do is the opposite,” he added .

Another social media user Mariam al Thani commented, “The countries of the blockade have lost their reputation and credibility with foreign investors. Investors will inevitably find new safer markets.”

Al Mughaddam al Kuwari said,”Naive step. Qatar has proved in the crisis that it is the safest country for investment. The siege countries have proved that they are just ‘farms in the form of countries’.”

Rashid al Khatir tweeted,”Many of the Saudi merchants have big shops in Qatar and no one bothers them and they function safely!”

Another twitter user Fasht Dibil said,”After their failure in the tribal meeting, Saudi regime is now closing down Ali bin Ali store in Jeddah. They forget that there are international courts to protect the rights of its owners.”

Eng Khalid al Shafi said,”There is a lack of clarity in the decision-making of Saudi as they can’t distinguish between business and politics.”

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