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Woman Spent More Than 50,000 To Get Fat Implants And Transfers To Look Like Kim Kardashian

Beauty standards keep changing with time and looks like everyone is getting on the Kim K bandwagon. They want to look like the reality star and will go to extreme lengths to get this done. Just like Jennifer pamplona

Jennifer Pamplona claims she initially went under the knife in memory of her boyfriend who wanted her to look like a doll. According to her, her boyfriend always urged her to look like a doll but she refused to do so. But when her boyfriend passed away, she decided to do it in memory of him.

But after spending thousands in enhancing her looks, the former Versace model had another goal in mind: for her booty to look like Kim K’s!



After surgeons successfully transferred four pints of fat into her booty, eight surgeons who deemed her latest butt injections too risky today turned Jennifer away. “My doctors have asked me if I am scared to die from the surgeries, but, in my opinion, if it happens I will die happy and beautiful,” she said.

After spending thousands of dollars and undergoing countless of surgeries, Jennifer believes she has finally achieved her goal. She said: “I finally have my Kim Kardashian butt. Now I know it’s very beautiful and I can compare mine to hers because it’s also massive and great.”

She added. “I’ve spent a lot of money to become Jennifer Pamplona, but I don’t see it as an expense more as an investment, I will become more famous than Kim Kardashian.”

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