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Trump Wants To End The Crisis Through Dialogue, Says FM

Photo: Gulf Times

HE the Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said that the US President Donald Trump was keen on ending the crisis in the region through dialogue between the disputed parties.

He said that Trump had a ‘greater desire’ to end the crisis and that Trump “doesn’t want to see conflict among friends.”

The foreign minister also said that the blockade on Qatar is having the effect of pushing Qatar closer to Iran economically.

“They said Qatar was now closer to Iran. By their measures they are pushing Qatar to Iran. They are giving Iran, or any regional force, Qatar like a gift,” he said.

“Is that their objective, to push one country, a GCC member state towards Iran? This is not a wise objective,” he added.

However, he stressed that Qatar still had political differences with Iran, including over Syria.

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