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Qataris Warned Against Travelling To Egypt Amid Crisis

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The Department of Consular Affairs in the Qatari Foreign Ministry has warned the Qataris against travelling to Egypt, according to a report.

The ministry released a statement saying that “this warning is because of the security measures imposed by the Egyptian authorities against Qataris when entering Egypt.”

Egypt is one of the four blockading states that has severed ties with Qatar after accusing it of supporting terrorism and stopped issuing visas on arrival for Qatari nationals in July.

The ministry’s statement came after a Qatari university student was denied a visa by Egyptian authorities, the reports stated that he was unable to attend his final exams at Cairo University.

It should be noted that back in July, Egyptian authorities had stated that stopping visas on arrival for Qataris would not apply to spouses of Egyptians or university students, who would be granted tourist visas on arrival.

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