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Gulf Crisis Reaches 100 Days, But Qatar Is Far From Giving Up

Various academics, economists and media personnel have stressed that Qatar has overcome the siege. During a discussion organised by Qatar TV to mark 100 days of siege, many believed that Qatari diplomacy played a vital role during the crisis. Unlike siege nations, Qatar has had a strong and a single stand since the beginning of the crisis.

Qatar is still open for a dialogue but only if the sovereignty of the nation is respected. Qatar has clearly stated that it will not accept dictation from any country.

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Another important point was the complete backing of Qataris to the leadership, the siege countries were expecting a complete opposite.

Even the role of Qatari media was crucial in discovering the fake news spread by the media of siege countries. Qatari media didn’t indulge in any form of abuse to the citizens or the leaders of siege nations and just presented the facts as it was.

“Qatar, since the beginning of the crisis, has explained its position to the world and all the countries, that Qatar’s Foreign Minister visited, have welcomed Qatar’s position. The siege countries on the other hand didn’t convince itself or its people, that is why their foreign ministers were contradicted in every country they visited,” said Dr. Khalid bin Mubarak Al-Shafi, Editor-in-Chief of The Peninsula.

Qatar was quick to find new lines to import goods from other countries. The government had given directions to private sector and all facilities to offer new alternatives and it succeeded in doing that.

In fact the crisis has allowed Qatar to be self-dependent and focus more on local production to achieve self-sufficiency. A number of projects have been achieved, like the opening of Hamad Port, which can handle around 30% of the trade exchange in the region and will be a competitor to Jebel Ali port.

Many companies came to sign agreements with this port. Now businesses have become more confident in the Qatari market.

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