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LCPA Appeals To IFJ For Membership Suspension Of UAE Journalists Association

London Centre For Public Affairs (LCPA) has urged International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) to cancel the membership of UAE journalists association for reportedly involving in UAE’s official political propaganda.

UAE National Media has ordered UAE journalists Association and other local organisations to support the controversial anti-Qatar conference. It is confirmed that Emirati organisation was collaborating with UAE Security Service to draw crowds to the conference titled ‘Qatar Global Security & Stability Conference’ scheduled for this week in London.

The LCPA received a document that showed UAE journalists Association involvement in the event. The organisation is also paying individuals from across the Arab region, the UK and Europe to take part in the event.

“We have lodged a complaint to the IFJ with regard to the flagrant behaviour of this organisation. We asked IFJ to revoke the membership of this organisation and any related individuals. The actions of this organisation violated the basic criteria of journalism such as accuracy, balance, objectivity and professionalism,” said a LCPA spokesman.

The organisation has promised individuals to cover their accommodation, flight and other costs. Moreover, the UAE Journalists Association has been circulating misguiding information for Arab media outlets about this conference in order to make it successful.

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