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Qatar Continues To Offer Dignified Lifestyle To Over 250,000 Citizens From Siege Countries Despite Crisis

Photo: CNBC

Over 250,000 citizens from the siege countries are still enjoying a dignified and harmless life in Qatar despite crisis, said a Qatar TV report.

Qatar has respected the desire of these citizens to stay in Qatar in spite of the illegal blockade and continues to support them as the nation considers them partners in the development process.

“Those citizens are leading a decent life and enjoying full rights under the Qatari Labour Law. Qatar has not taken any action against the citizens of those countries and given them full freedom to stay or leave,” the report said.

Though, Qataris living in the siege countries were forced to move out, the government of Qatar has not indulged in such treatments to the citizens of the blockading nations.

“Qatar dealt with the crisis at a political level as involving people of the countries in dispute will create hatred,” it added.

In his speech, the Emir HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al Thani called for keeping people away from the political dispute.

Director of Policy and Human Resources Planning Department Abdul Aziz Hassan al Ibrahim explained that Qatar has given the choice to the citizens of the four states to continue living in Qatar or return to their countries.

While some have resigned, a few have sought annual leave. There were citizens who even opted for getting unpaid leave, all the requests were honoured by the Qatari government.

Speaking about the termination of services of some citizens of these countries, especially Egyptians, Ibrahim said this is not beacuse of the crisis but as per the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs’ (MADLSA) Qatarisation strategy, which aims to increase the number of Qataris employed in the public and private sectors.

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