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No Cooperation From Saudi Led Bloc To Resolve Crisis, Says Qatar’s FM

Photo: Qatar Tribune

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al Thani said that though Qatar is willing to resolve the crisis, the Saudi led bloc is showing no sign of negotiation to end the crisis.

“Qatar welcomes any effort that supports the mediation role played by the Emir of Kuwait HH Sheikh Sabah al Ahmad al Jaber al Sabah to resolve the ongoing Gulf crisis,” Sheikh Mohammed said during a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov in Doha on Wednesday.

The minister also welcomed the Russian efforts to resolve the crisis.

He also said that Qatar firmly believes in resolving the crisis through a “constructive dialogue in line with international obligations on all states, and not by dictates or by submitting list of demands that undermines Qatar’s sovereignty or the international law which the siege countries claim to respect”.

“Unfortunately, we have seen nothing but the opposite. It is very clear that the siege countries have so far failed to provide any evidence,” the FM said.

He said Qatar was the only side in the dispute that has responded to Kuwait‘s efforts positively. “None of the siege countries has responded to Kuwait’s efforts and all of them continuing to ignore any mediation efforts, whether from Kuwait or any other friendly country,” he added.

He believes that the contradictory statements given by the blockading states is a proof of lack of interest or seriousness to find a solution to the crisis. “We fail to notice any tangible efforts being made in terms of resolving the crisis by these countries,” he said.

“Such an approach adopted by the siege countries shows their intentions to continue the crisis and the siege. These countries accuse everyone who encourages dialogue to internationalise the crisis,” the FM added.

“Our goal is to resolve this conflict and end the blockade and find a solution to the crisis that ensures the safety and security of Qatar and all the GCC countries,” he noted.

On the impact of blockade on Qatar, the FM said,”The most severe impact of the blockade is not economic but humanitarian. It seems that it was the intention of the blockading countries to target Qatari people, instead of Qatar, which is very much confirmed by the selection of the Holy Month of Ramadan for its execution.”

“This blockade has revealed the truth to us that we, as a country, must rely on ourselves, when it comes to food security and other matters relevant to our economy. We see it as an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to develop beyond the dependence on our neighbouring countries and develop a wide range of options for the people of Qatar,” he said.

He confirmed that the gas contacts were not affected in any way and Qatar continuous to be a reliable partner in supplying the world with energy. He added that the investors still had confidence in Qatar, its economy and its legal environment for investment.

Commenting on the statements made by the UAE ambassador in Washington, in which he said that the siege countries have no objection to dialogue without preconditions, Sheikh Mohammed wondered why is there no call for dialogue by the siege countries if that is true? “We do not always take the statements of the siege countries seriously because there are a lot of contradictions.”

The FM recalled several attempts to hold an unconditional dialogue by mediators and most recently by the Emir of Kuwait.”The siege countries did not respond to those calls for dialogue and set conditions each time they were invited to talk. Qatar has expressed its desire to resolve the crisis through dialogue more than a dozen times, and to reach a settlement that respects the sovereignty of states and the international law, based on mutual and collective commitments.”

“Today, after three months of crisis, the siege countries have problems with Qatari people also, and not only with the government of Qatar.”

He stressed that violating Qatar’s sovereignty and international law is ‘unacceptable’. The minister is confident that Qatar will get justice and achieve desired results, but it will widen the gap between Qatari people and the governments of the siege countries.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister highlighted the need to find the solution the Gulf crisis on the basis of consensus and positions acceptable to all, and rejecting the offensive and useless speeches, stressing Russia’s support for the Kuwaiti mediation, and its readiness to contribute to any effort in this regard.

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