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Saudi Man Buys A Goat For A Staggering $3.47 Million To Slaughter On Eid

A Saudi man has surprised everybody as he bought a goat worth SR 13 million which is roughly $3.46 million, to slaughter on Eid. He said that he paid that kind of a money because it belonged to a completely different breed.

It also had unique features that were not seen before. As expected the netizens went crazy after hearing such a bizarre news.

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While, most of them discussed the price, few notable personalities expressed their views against this kind of expenditure. They believe that there are world crisis due to financial issues and even the half of the amount spent on this goat could have made a huge impact for the underprivileged people.

The price tag of SR 13 million is also the highest price ever paid for any livestock in Saudi Arabia. The livestock breeders agreed that it was very rare and it had unique features, however, they also mentioned that the amount paid was still very high.

What do you think about this kind of exuberant spending?

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